About Me


I am an avid runner, baker, reader, coffee-drinker, thrift shopper and memorabilia collector. My life changed 18 months ago when I met my husband by chance in San Francisco. He lives in Whistler, Canada. We were 853 miles, or 1,373 kilometres, apart.

Inevitably, we took to traveling: Oahu, Hawaii – Vancouver, Canada – Santa Barbara, California – Whistler, Canada – Calistoga, California – Kelowna, Canada – Santa Cruz, Califonia –  Seattle, Washington – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Kamloops, Canada.

Eventually, I decided to move to Whistler.

Life is pretty perfect. Whistler is one of the most beautiful places in the world to capture with my camera.

Check out my bucket list of countries I want to visit. I hope that my travel journal helps you plan vacations, discover new places, experience culture and create memories.

If you would like to hire me for a special event or photo session, contact me by submitting a message in the Contact Form below. I am looking to build my portfolio and would love to work with what you have to offer.



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